Thursday, September 11, 2014


This handsome boy of mine started 3 year old preschool last Tuesday. I love him so much. He was very hesitant about starting school again and kept asking me if I was going to miss him. But I am so proud of him. He has been doing wonderful and hasn't cried once. He has never enjoyed being dropped off anywhere. The church nursery was always very difficult for him. Last year he attended the 2 year old Mom's Day Out at the same school he is at this year. It was only one day per week (2.5 hours) and every week was very difficult during drop off time. I think the one thing helping this year (besides him being older) is that the assistant teacher in his room was his lead teacher last year. Her name is Mrs. Schulte and we adore her. She is seriously one of the most genuine, fun and caring teachers I have ever met. His lead teacher, Mrs. Frey, is new to the school this year so we don't know her very well but I think she will grow on us. We are looking forward to another wonderful year at St. Marks!